Shaw's Custom Stock Crate

Jones Welding's fabrication team worked carefully with Jeremy Shaw to design a crate that suited his exact needs and requirements. The 44’ custom stock crate is an all-purpose built unit for the safe transport of livestock with having the extra option of the removable section at the rear. The Shaw family received their new crate last Friday and were pleased with the finishing product produced by our fabrication team, well done boys!


  • Designed and built as a 3-pen configuration.

  • Removable rear section with full sing-out combination sliding door.

  • 18mm Filmface Marine Ply Internal sheeting ensures smooth bumper protection to limit bruising without compromising airflow.

  • 60/40 split slam-shut gates built into full width divisional partitions maintain structural stability whilst allowing sufficient room to prevent jamming.

  • Front access ladder to full length catwalk with overhead full width storage box.

  • Side loading option with on board reinforced aluminium 1400mm wide slid-out loading ramp.

  • Solid 16mm square bar lift-up grids can be secured to sides for easy cleaning.

  • Contrasted using 1st grade Australian galvanised steel and aluminium.

  • Structurally reinforced lifting points installed for level crate removal.

  • Reinforced bolt-down points.

  • High quality fittings used throughout to ensure an extended work life.

  • Floor drains were also installed at each partition for easy cleaning.

To see the transformation from trailer to crate click the video below...

The fabrication team at JWRS are renowned for their quality, custom fabrication and repairs. Please contact us today on 07 4626 1419 or email and we’ll be happy to help with any of your inquiries!

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