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Optional extras

Spruce up your Happy Yappa Custom Pet Enclosure with these extras!

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For next level protection from the elements your furry friends will love you for the added insulation. Keeping them nice and cosy in the Winter months and as cool as a cucumber in the Summer months!



Spruce up your Happy Yappa Custom Pet Enclosure with Colorbond options! We have a range of colours to choose from so you can match your enclosure to the house, fence, or even shed!

'Squat' Height


Did you know our Happy Yappa Custom Pet Enclosure are available in 2 heights.

The 'Squat' is perfect for the smaller pooches and the older dogs who struggle to jump up that bit higher, they can step right into this with ease as it is only 300mm off the ground.

Our standard size is 700mm off the ground, perfect height for large dogs.

Please note: We can accommodate  custom heights at your request.

Standard height


The Weekenders


Need a night away without the pets?

We can help!
The Weekender Auto Feeders are the ideal solution!!

Easily fitted & compatible with all designs, the 'Weekender' is the ultimate accessory for absolute assurance your pets will have all they need in your absence.

***Not recommended for prolonged periods or more than 3 days in a single period.***

Segregation Gate


The Segregation gate is perfect for pooch pals! 

Open up the gate for a bigger bay to share or keep it closed so the pooches can have quiet time.

Mesh Panel

As well as the beauty of a bit of added air flow, the mesh panel makes cleaning a breeze!

400mm mesh panel fitted to front.

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