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Branding Irons

They are built by JWRS but designed by you, whether it’s a Symbol, number or a 3-piece brand you’re looking for, Jones Welding can fabricate it.


Our brands are designed for maximum efficiency, using high quality marine grade 316 stainless steel with bevelled edges and a 770mm loop handle. We ensure our brands are long lasting, well-balanced and designed to produce clean burns every time. You won't want to look anywhere else!

0-9 Number brand

Department of Agriculture & Fisheries accredited.

Branding is compulsory for cattle and pigs when they are offered for sale in Queensland. 

Livestock owners are responsible for registering brands and earmarks, and obtaining the branding iron and earmarking pliers. Owners must ensure that branding irons are made to the exact shape shown on the certificate of registration.

Brands and earmarks are registered to an entity, not a property. Earmarks are registered for use only within a particular district and registration is not automatically transferred with a change of property ownership.

Only authorised people can possess and use registered brands and earmarks. Check with Biosecurity Queensland to ensure the brands and earmarks are registered in the correct name.

Note: If cattle are taken directly to slaughter from another state or territory, they may be exempt from branding requirements if they:

  • have been purchased over the scales at the feedlot in Queensland

  • are kept at a registered cattle feedlot in Queensland until they are slaughtered.

Interstate cattle sold live in Queensland must still be branded.

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