0-9 Number brand

Branding Irons

They are built by JWRS but designed by you, whether it’s a Symbol, number or a 3-piece brand you’re looking for, Jones Welding can fabricate it.


Our brands are designed for maximum efficiency, using high quality marine grade 316 stainless steel with beveled edges and a 770mm loop handle. We ensure our brands are long lasting, well-balanced and designed to produce clean burns every time. You won't want to look anywhere else!

Branding Furnaces

JWRS portable diesel branding furnace is what every farmer needs! Through years of experience and countless hours spent in the yards, the furnace has been designed specially to maximize efficiency but also having the flexibility of being fully portable.


 - Fold-up legs
 - Tank: 600x300x120mm
 - Flue: 750x300x100mm


Our single burner gas furnace come in two sizes, standard or Jumbo. Both are complete with Burner kit (jet, hose, burner tube, Pol & Regulator) and the options of being collapsable. (gas bottle NOT included)